Avina Premium Wine Stoppers

Leak proof and sleek. 'Nuff said
  • $19.90


Avina Premium Wine Stoppers

In need of a wine stopper to store your unfinished wine? Avina Premium Wine Stoppers is your go to. Leak proof when storing sideways for both Champagne and still wine stopper. Keeps The Fizz In Your Bubbly. Safe for sideway storage. Avina Premium Wine Stoppers keeps wine fresh and works perfect with Winesave!

    • EASILY RESEAL ANY SPARKLING WINE – Reusable wine bottle stopper corks are ideal for the beach, picnics or at home

    • NO LEAKS, NO SPILLS – Unique leakproof cap design expands in the bottle neck and locks in place creating an airtight rubber closure seal, even when laying bottles on their side

    • EASY TO USE PUSH & LOCK MECHANISM – Simply insert the plastic bottle topper crown, push lever to re-cork and lock, lift top to open and release corker

    • EVER WANTED JUST THE ONE GLASS OF BUBBLES - NEVER WASTE CHAMPAGNE AGAIN – Guaranteed to maintain bottle pressure this airtight wine keeper & preserver is an ideal sparkling wine saver

    • NEVER THROW AWAY GOOD WINE AGAIN - Locks In Flavors - take your time with wine, preserve opened bottles and save money, fits all standard wine bottles

    • KEEPS WINE FRESH - Hygienic - the airtight hermetic seal clamps on to lock in delicious aromas so your wine tastes as good tomorrow

    • NO LEAKS, NO WASTEFUL SPILLS - Easy Fridge Storage - the rubber leak-proof bottle stopper clamps in place for no mess wine storage, even when laying bottles on their side

    • EASY PUSH & LOCK MECHANISM - Simple To Use - no forcing corks back into the bottle, this is the no fuss alternative to wine saver vacuum sealers

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