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Very much a Puglian wine, there are very few areas outside of Puglia where this grape is grown, and it's symbolic of the growth of Puglian wine.



Negroamaro is a rich, bold wine with intense black fruit & balsamic notes. It has a distinct earthy dried herbs finish, with hints of pepper, olive & licorice. It's incredibly structured, and is the typical representation of sun-baked & muscle wine. Concentration is favored over production by Negroamaro growers, leading to high alcohol content. Over the years, winemakers have managed to bring out elegance & complexity in the wine, despite its balsamic notes.

To best enjoy a Negroamaro, time is your friend. Allow it to breathe and you would be able to savor a beautiful red that is elegant as it is powerful. Try a Negroamaro or blend with barbecue chicken pizza, pulled pork / pastrami sandwiches or teriyaki. Caramelized foods seen to bring out the sweetness in this wine.


It's almost only produced in Puglia, and is the undeniable king of the region. All the subregions love it, and is blended with Malvasia to create a rosé Negroamaro. It's much more delicate, and is perfectly pungent & fragrant. 

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