Vesztergombi Pince

Vesztergombi Pince is a family-run winery in the 

Szekszárd wine region of Hungary. 

The life of the Vesztergombi family is closely and inseparably intertwined with Szekszárd.


The family coat of arms, which we use on our labels, comes from the early 1700s. This serves as evidence that the family has been cultivating grapes and making wine out of them for a long time.

The Vesztergombi family owned a classically large farmland. It dealt with almost every branch of the production chain, from cereal production to sawmill and vineyard cultivation. The latter has always played an important role as the peak of the activities and provided a framework to it all. But the previous regime in Hungary did not support family farming and quality centric thinking, so everything his grandfather Ferenc Vesztergombi Senior (who served as crown officer in the Second World War and as such was outcast and alienated in the system) had was forcefully given to the collective farm.

His father, Ferenc Vesztergombi, turned to the winemaking profession. After graduating from college in Kecskemét as a winemaker, he cultivated his knowledge in other wine regions for a few years, then returned home and began winemaking at the only option that was available at the time – the State Farm.

After a change of regime took place and with the help of privatisation, the Vesztergombi family got back 10 hectares of vineyard along with a wine cellar on Kadarka Street. Based on these, the family business was founded in 1991.

In 1993, Ferenc Vesztergombi was selected as "Winemaker of the Year". He was the third person honoured with this very prestigious award, which was awarded according to the quality of wines produced, wine region, and work done in the winemaking community.

Ferenc Vesztergombi ralso eceived the “Közjóért” (For The Common Good) award from city of Szekszárd and soon afterwards the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Szekszárd.

Over the years, the vineyard grew and Ferenc's son, Csaba Vesztergombi, took over. Csaba naturally fit into the day-to-day operation as he graduated with a marketing degree in agricultural engineering before becoming a student of Vineyards and Winemaking at the University of Horticulture (back then named: St. Stephen's University). In the meantime, he spent a harvesting season in Australia to develop experience and knowledge. Whenever he has the opportunity, Csaba continues to gain international professional experience.

Today, together with his father and mother Piroska, they carry out the tasks of managing the winery. The new generation is also trying and getting familiar with the ambience of the cellar and vineyards.