Sella & Mosca

Sardinia is unique, as are its wines. Both have a robust character which is strengthened by the sun and honesty of this location. 650 hectares of Mediterranean scrub and vineyards: an immense estates, one of the biggest in Europe.

More than a century ago, two Piedmontese adventurers, Mr. Sella, an engineer, and Mr. Mosca, a lawyer, looked at the uncultivated land with new eyes. They fell in love and created Sella & Mosca. In 1899, the recovery of this land started and gave way to the beauty of the vines, aromas and colours of the grapes. Decades of work to free the soil from the rocks and give it new life.

Alghero is an immense estate, one of the biggest in Europe. The land is unique - it is history and nature coming together as one, as if that is how it always was. It is in berchiddeddu, gallura: tenacious vermentino between granite and mediterranean scrub. It is in giba, sulcis: antique carignano between sand and sea. It is in sardegna, a land that cannot be confused with any other, where history and nature come together as one, as if that is how it always was.

In the heart of the estate, there is the site for rootstock grafting and forcing, the wineries, workers' housing, an elementary school and a chapel. Buildings that, today like yesterday, are the point of reference for those who share and want to discover the pride of a form of wine-growing that - through research and innovation - is protective of the environment, respects biodiversity, is proud of its history, knowledge and enhancement of the products and knowledge of the territory. Here, with work, commitment, passion and constant attention, sella & mosca wines are produced .