Domaine Guillemard-Clerc

Between the gates of Lyon and Chablis, in the heart of the Côte De Beaune, Puligny-Montrachet, a small Burgundian village, produces some of the most renowned white wines in the world.
It is here that the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir like to be the ambassadors of our Domaine. Thanks to the complexity of the clay-limestone subsoil, the different orientations of the slopes and the micro-climates, we produce wines with very different characters.

The grapes are picked manually and transported to the press in openwork boxes. The vinification is done according to very specific specifications defining the traditional method also called the Champagne method. Chardonnay is used to make Blancs de Blancs while Blancs de Noirs are made from Pinot Noir.
The vines are cultivated with respect for the environment. They are plowed (subsoiled) at least once a year so that the rainwater goes well into the ground so as not to promote erosion. Phytosanitary treatments are carried out according to the reasoned control method. That is to say that the spraying of products is done only when necessary, which preserves the fauna and flora, preserves the water table and reduces the carbon footprint as much as possible. For a year with low disease pressure, up to three passages can be gained.