Roccolo Grassi

At Roccolo Grassi, their mission is to produce wines with character, personality, identifiable as to their place of origin, according to Roccolo Grassi's traditional method. Their wines will evolve and mature with bottle aging. Their plans are ambitious, yet they desire to preserve Roccolo Grassi as a family run business. The goal of Marco, Francesca and their father Bruno is to harvest superior quality grapes and to produce relatively small quantities of outstanding wine. Therefore, the quantity of bottles yield will vary depending on the vintage.

In their 15 hectares of vineyards, efforts are concentrated. They try to support nature by respecting its times, the vines and their ability to express themselves. They prune the vines with attention to every single plant and try to contain the grape yields and reach perfect ripeness; this by practicing viticulture that is attentive to the environment and the territory. In addition to the vineyard, the company includes 2 hectares of wood and 1.5 hectares of olive groves and various fruit trees. This creates a unique ecosystem to produce healthy and high quality grapes.

The maximum attention is in preserving the raw material obtained. Grassi is a respectful and conservative enology of the bunch of grapes. Great attention is paid to cleaning, to the different stages of processing, choice of wood, tasting of the wine; it is He who decides what we must do. The cellar is a place of passage where the grapes become wine, continuing that wonderful journey that intertwines our and their lives.
They place the utmost care in preserving our harvest through enology practices which respect and preserve the grapes. Cleanliness and meticulous care is guaranteed at each stage of the work process, as well as in the choice of woods and wine testing. In fact, it is the wine itself to determine the next step to be taken. The cellar is a passageway where grapes become wine in an amazing journey where their life encounters ours.