Puchang Vineyard

Puchang Vineyard is committed to offering premium wines from local varietal grapes found only in Xinjiang, planted and cared for by our wine-loving team under organic management. In the unique climate in Turpan Valley, pests barely survive in their vineyard. None of the grapes contain pesticides, herbicides or viral contamination.

The first grapevines were planted on the Estate by local winery in 1975. In 2008, KK Cheung purchased the Estate and renamed the winery as Puchang Vineyard. The team started to restructure the vineyard. The first vintage was produced by Puchang Vineyard in 2009, and after 5 years of inspection, Puchang Vineyard was accredited by ECOCERT, a certification institution for organic farming. The Estate intends to continue operating as an organic vineyard and obtain annual re-issuance of the certificate. In 2016, Puchang wines were introduced to the international wine market and in the subsequent year, they’ve received multiple awards, which is a testimony for their quality wines and a hallmark year for Puchang. It was a worldwide recognition of their continual efforts as they strive to deliver high quality organic wines to the rest of the world.

Turpan is located in the heart of Xinjiang near the Tianshan Mountains Basin, also known as “Fire Island”. The grapes are watered with melting snow from Tian Shan Mountain, untouched by men and free from pollution, it channels through the underground Karez water system to the vineyard, keeping the water source naturally pure. With latitude of 41° to 43° N, Puchang vineyard shares the same latitude with some of the best wine-making regions in the world.

The grapes are manually handpicked, the wine making team closely monitors the yield of each plant, making sure that each plant maintains high-quality grape clusters with structural complexity and strong concentration. To ensure optimal balance between acidity, sugar and pH value, each varietal is analysed in a laboratory on a weekly basis once the skin turns colour, then every 3 days from July onwards. As a result of such combined efforts, they are able to present well-balanced and flavourful wines to the world.

The Estate works closely with local farmers, learning their wisdom and sharing new knowledge on organic farming and winemaking with them to ensure sustainable development of the entire wine region. They work through ecological processes, using only organic, non-chemical substances to farm local grape varieties and produce premium quality wines with low level of sulphites.