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In 2002, expert winemakers Jean-Claude (JC) and Carolyn Martin took up the challenge of establishing a winery in a remote corner of the highly acclaimed Walker Bay wine region. Creation winery is perched high up on the picturesque Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge. The translation of Hemel-en-Aarde is ‘Heaven and Earth’ – and the name says it all.

The 40 hectares of undulating land had never been planted with vines before, but JC and Carolyn recognised its vast potential and had courage in their conviction. They set out with tenacity and determination to transform it into a model wine farm. This was no easy feat, but both halves of this team come from families that have been involved with winemaking for at least three generations.


Creation’s vines climb the steep hills of Babylon Toren Mountain to a lofty altitude of 350 metres above sea level. Here they bask in generous sunlight, flourish in 450-million-year-old clay loam soils with decomposed Bokkeveld shale and dance in the cool breezes blowing in from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. During the annual growth period, temperatures rarely exceed 30°C, while the cool night index throughout the year is 12°C lower than the day-time temperature.These factors result in full-flavoured grapes of outstanding quality, allowing for the creation of complex wines with length and depth.


Their modern cellar was completed in time for the 2007 vintage and features state-of-the-art equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland and France. Ranging from a pneumatic punch-down system to stainless steel tanks with built-in cooling and heating systems, their vinification facilities are worthy of the superb grapes harvested on their farm. All of Creation’s red wines are matured under optimum conditions in 225-litre French oak barriques.


To acknowledge the role Mother Nature plays in their success, Creation is a member of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) and committed to conserving their natural heritage by implementing long-term biodiversity as well as sustainability programmes. The farm also complies with the sustainability guidelines laid down by the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) scheme and all their recent releases boast the proud ‘green seal’. Creation has also pledged their support to the Landmark Foundation and are officially predator friendly. Working hand in hand with Nature, Creation is one of only nine wineries in South Africa to have received the coveted EnviroWines accreditation.