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Nominé-Renard are winegrowers first and foremost. Claude and Simon Nominé (father and son) look after and care for their vines every year, waiting until the grapes reach their peak. Their passion for vineyards and experience has been passed down through three generations of the family. The Nominé-Renard mission is to learn about the diversity of soils and climates in each plot, day after day. Growing vines requires them to work in close proximity with the environment all year round. As such, they use sustainable agriculture to preserve the land's biodiversity and quality of the soils.

Nominé-Renard has 3 grape varieties planted across 6 different villages, spread out in 36 plots! Each grape variety and each plot of vineyard is pressed and vinified separately in order to preserve the identity and characteristics of each terroir. The large diversity of wines gives them the flexibility to produce and maintain a constant style, year after year, despite variations in climate and harvest.

Fun fact: the design of their logo is based on a sculpture of a young woman harvesting. The sculpture was created in 1968 by Marius Giot (famous regional artist and cousin to the family) and was inspired by 15-year-old Reine-Marie Nominé, Claude's sister.