Handpicked makes regionally expressive and site-specific wines in a growing list of the world’s great wine regions.
Their ethos has always been to share their love of wine with others. To demystify the world of wine and bring others on the journey, having lots of fun on the way.

William Dong
Handpicked Wines founder and managing director, William Dong, admits that he came into the wine industry knowing little about the challenges ahead; he just loved wine and wanted to make wines that people would want to share together. It didn’t take long to realise that to make truly great wines that express the best of their region, he would need to invest in special vineyards and passionate people.
Capella Vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula was the first vineyard purchased in 2013. It remains Handpicked’s spiritual home and where their winemakers are based. They now own six vineyards in Mornington, Yarra Valley, Tasmania and Barossa Valley. In other regions in Australia and around the world, they work with exceptional growers who have become part of the Handpicked family over many years.
They’ve come a long way – their team has grown, they make more wines in more regions, they’ve won a lot of trophies, received great reviews, thrown some epic parties and begun an exciting journey into organics – but their purpose to share the love of wine has not wavered. And as William would say, “The real journey starts today.”


As the current custodians of these precious places scattered across Australia and beyond, Handpicked has accept the responsibility to nurture and improve what has been entrusted to them. That’s the bedrock of their approach to winemaking.
Handpicked’s vineyards are chosen for their ability to express the character of the region and the personality of the site. Getting to know those personalities and bringing out the best in them is a major part of the winemaker’s job, and they work closely with their vineyard teams throughout the year.
When they’ve done the right work in the vineyards, and had a bit of luck along the way, they receive fruit that tells its own story of the vineyard and the season. They describe their job as listening carefully, hearing the different strands of the story and helping it unfold in the glass.


Handpicked has accepted the challenge to tread more lightly on the earth and make positive change wherever they can.
Sustainability begins in their vineyards with the life and health of their soils and continues across every part of our business – in wineries and office spaces, transport, packaging and merchandise. They are proud to have a diverse team of individuals and partners all working together and committed to positive change.

The Story Behind The Label

Australia Hand – This abstract hand is representative of the heart of Australia, the wildness and terroir of the land and its iconic red centre.