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Genpei Shuzo

Genpei Shuzo is located in the town Ono of Fukui Prefecture. Ono is a rare town where most of the houses have a well and use underground water rather than tap water even today. 

The brewery uses water from a well located within the brewery to brew sake. The water of Ono-shi was selected as one of the 100 best water sources in Japan and the high quality of the water makes the taste of their sake soft.


The sake brewery "Genpei" was founded in the first year of Edo Enpo (1673), and was engaged in both the brewing industry and sale of Chinese herbs. Today they are only involved in the brewing industry.

During the Ono Doi clan era, he received the opening of Onoya from the clan and had a 120-stone liquor sales tag. During the Edo period, it was sold as a purveyor to the clan and Manjuya sake. According to the list of three Hokuriku brewers, the estimated number of stones for sake brewing in 1918 is 528 stones, which is located in the front.

Around the early Taisho era, a registered trademark system was established, and due to omission of registration, it was necessary to change the name. The new sake name has been changed to "Genpei".

Good quality sake is considered to be a combination of "sweet", "spicy" and "pin" that expresses the good taste of sake. The name was changed to "Genpei" to include this expression. The elegance of the Heike is sweetened, the savagery of Genji is spicy, and the fighting of the Sengoku period makes you feel the tightness of your nerves. It is a taste that reminds us of the feeling of reaching the ultimate while reminiscing over the old story of the rise and fall of Genpei.