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Demeter Zoltán

Zoltán Demeter is a man of detail. He founded his winery in 1996 

with the intent to take a full and active part in the recognition and rediscovery of Tokaj terroir and its wines. Every day on the 7 hectare estate is about fine tuning. Steep vineyards with old plantings, a cellar on a human scale, wine and champagne production thought out to the last detail. 

"The pruning shears click in our hands and we stick labels on the bottles." — Zoltán Demeter.

Zoltán Demeter obtained a professional basis partly in the Budapest University of Horticulture, partly in the United States, France and Great Britain. He participated in the life of Tokaj-Hegyalja since 1993, launching and running foreign-owned wineries.

In the first years of his venture, he made wine from a family-owned plot in Boda vineyard in Sátoraljaújhely with traditional tools from their family cellar. In the following years, he purchased lands in different parts of Tokaj-Hegyalja: Szerelmi vineyard in Tokaj, Veres, Betsek and Ősz-hegy vineyards in Mád, Hold-völgy and Új-hegy vineyards in Rátka and the Kakas and Lapis vineyards in Bodrogkeresztúr.

On March 7, 2013, Demeter Zoltán was the first to receive a champagne-making license in Tokaj.  

Today he produces wines from 9 different vineyards in 5 settlements, totalling 7 hectares. Wine fermentation and maturation takes place in the cellar of a historic house built in 1790 in the town of Tokaj. 

"There is no pressing, no paid bottling, no paid sparkling wine, no paid swilling. Everything happens here and I decide everything. It's a huge job, a huge opportunity and a huge freedom. It's also the basis of artisanal authenticity." — Zoltán Demeter.

Zoltán Demeter produces wines in 3 categories: Dry, Főbor (principal wine) and Aszú wines. According to him, Aszú wines are most clearly able to reflect the uniqueness of Tokaj-Hegyalja. Through conscious yield restriction, one can understand the optimal maturity and uncover the diversity and richness of each vineyard.

He eagerly tries to promote Tokaj’s revised position on the world map of wine.