Decideret was born in 2015 from the desire of three friends, Jakob, Cornelius and Martin, to produce additive-free, naturally-fermented ciders from the apples that fall in back gardens across Denmark in autumn and are usually ignored. To tackle this food waste they ask people to deliver the fruit to their Copenhagen facility in return for a bottle or two from the previous vintage and they've since grown to now work with a variety of fruit (apples, cherries, blackberries, pears) gathered from some of the very best growers in the country and produce some of the most vibrantly delicious, downright thrilling ciders we’ve ever had the good fortune to try.

Danish fruit with little intervention

Denmark is blessed with apples that balance tart acidity with a fruitful apple sweetness. Their cider and wine culture is on the other hand depleted. Food culture has been elevated with the new nordic kitchen - now it is time to take a look at what Denmark drinks.

Decideret wants to prove that apple ciders and fruit pét-nats can be as complex and vinous as wine, quenchy as kombucha, sour as lambic, and as fruitful as freshly squeezed juice.

At their winery in Nordhavn, they crush and press apples and other fruits, ferment the juice into wine, and put it in bottles. Some are to be drunk young, others gain in complexity when aged in oak or through macerations with the apple pomace or fruits like cherries or grapes. Their ciders and fruit pét-nats are all wild fermented and made from organically farmed Danish fruit with little intervention. Their focus is on craftsmanship, experimentation and reducing food waste.