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Cantine Bertani

For more than a century and a half they have made wines that are recognizable for their identity, wines with a clear and therefore unmistakable stylistic profile. They have always chosen the path of territorial wines, even when it is method guiding them.

The values are solid and strong. They are the foundation for a history over 150 years old. Respect for the territory, stylistic coherence that has never flirted with easy production options – the patience required to produce an iconic wine like Amarone Classico della Valpolicella.

Perpetuating a style has never sufficed. They have always felt the need to keep discussion alive. Being faithful to a mission means respecting what has been done and at the same time, rethinking it every day in order to assure quality worthy of our potential and reputation.

"For us tradition is a choice, the result of research, assessment, courage and respect for nature." 

Holding fast to a mission for over a century means respecting what has been done and at the same time re-thinking it every day. This is why Bertani wines
guarantee quality worthy of their potential and their reputation.

Known as one of the most prestigious vineyard regions in Italy, the Veronese zone is a varied territory with a long enological tradition. Today it boasts the largest
number of DOC wines on the peninsula.