Radikon Jakot 2017

A backwards play on Tocai (Tokaj)
Sauvignonasse (Friulano, Sauvignon Vert)
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NOTES: Peach Orange Stone Apricot Almond

BODY: Medium +



TANNIN: Medium -

ALCOHOL (%): 13

ORIGIN: Fruli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

MAKER: Radikon


  • Sauvignonasse (Friulano, Sauvignon Vert)

FERMENTATION: Biodynamic, Natural, Organic, Vegan Heavy Wood



ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Thai red curry, Chana Masala

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: Charcuterie and bread, liver pâté


Radikon Jakot 2017

Radikon Jakot is a lovely, fresh and well-balanced orange wine. Remarkably approachable with notes of dried apricots, orange peels, peaches, stoney minerals and almonds. 

Fun Fact: The half litre (500 ml) bottle is perfect for one person when you fancy a night to yourself with only top notch grub and a stunning wine for company.

100% Tokaj. The fruit comes from Radikon's vines that grow in the hills of Oslavia in Friuli, which is on the Slovenian border of Italy. The vines have an average age of 25 years. The terroir features sloped, terraced vineyards and soil – called 'ponca' in dialect – that imparts lots of minerality to the wines. Ponca, or flysch, has layers and blends of minerals from the prehistoric sea bed, clay and sandstone.

Handpicking of the fruit at its optimum point of maturation. Long 3 months maceration on the skins. The wine ages for 3 years in barrel, then 1 year in bottles. No added sulphur, no fining or filtering before bottling.

Ageing potential: Impressive ageing potential, drink now or cellar for the next 20 years!