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Verdeca is a white grape variety primarily grown in the Puglia region of southern Italy. It's not to be confused with other similar sounding grapes, like Verdelho, or Vernaccia

Varietal Origin: Verdeca is believed to have ancient origins in the Mediterranean, and it has been cultivated in southern Italy for centuries. It is particularly associated with the Puglia region, where it is considered one of the indigenous grape varieties.

Taste Profile: Verdeca wines are known for their crisp and refreshing character. They typically exhibit citrus fruit flavors, such as lemon and green apple, along with floral and herbal notes. Verdeca wines are often light to medium-bodied with a zesty acidity, making them suitable for easy drinking and aperitifs.

Regional Styles: Verdeca is primarily used in the production of still white wines. It is valued for its ability to retain acidity even in the warm climate of Puglia. Verdeca wines are often made in a fresh and straightforward style, emphasizing their vibrant fruit and acidity. They can be enjoyed young and are best consumed within a few years of bottling.

Interesting Fact: Verdeca is one of several indigenous white grape varieties in Puglia that have gained attention in recent years as winemakers and consumers explore the diverse and unique wines produced in the region.

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