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Plavec Mali

Plavac Mali is an important grape variety in Croatian winemaking, particularly in the regions of Dingač and Postup, which are known for producing premium-quality Plavac Mali wines. The name "Plavac Mali" translates to "small blue" in Croatian, which is a reference to the small, thick-skinned berries with a dark blue color that the grape produces

Varietal Origin: Plavac Mali is a red grape variety that is native to Croatia, particularly the Dalmatian coast. It is believed to be a descendant of the ancient Zinfandel grape, and it is related to the Primitivo grape variety grown in Italy.

Typical Taste Profile: Plavac Mali wines are known for their deep, dark color and rich, full-bodied flavors. They often exhibit characteristics of dark fruits such as blackberry, black cherry, and plum, along with notes of spices, herbs, and earth. Plavac Mali wines can also show firm tannins and high alcohol levels, which contribute to their bold and robust profile.

Regional Styles: Plavac Mali is primarily grown and produced in Croatia, particularly in the Dalmatian region. It is used to produce both varietal wines as well as blended wines, often with other native Croatian grape varieties. Plavac Mali wines are typically aged in oak barrels, which adds complexity and depth to the wines.

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