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Otskhanuri Sapere

Otskhanuri Sapere is known for its thick skins, high acidity, and robust flavors, which make it well-suited for producing wines with good aging potential. It is often used in traditional Georgian winemaking methods, such as qvevri winemaking, where the wine is fermented and aged in clay vessels buried in the ground

Varietal Origin: Otskhanuri Sapere is a red grape variety that is native to the western region of Georgia, specifically the Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi regions. It is an ancient grape variety that has been cultivated in Georgia for centuries and is known for its unique characteristics.

Typical Taste Profile: Otskhanuri Sapere wines are known for their deep, dark color, high acidity, and robust flavors. They typically exhibit flavors of dark berries such as blackberry and blueberry, along with hints of spices, earth, and floral notes. Otskhanuri Sapere wines are often described as medium to full-bodied, with a firm structure, lively acidity, and a long, persistent finish.

Regional Styles: Otskhanuri Sapere is primarily used in the production of red wines in the western region of Georgia. It is often used as a blending grape, adding depth and complexity to the final wine. Otskhanuri Sapere is also used to produce varietal wines, showcasing its unique characteristics and flavors. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Otskhanuri Sapere as a standalone varietal, with some winemakers experimenting with different winemaking techniques to highlight its unique qualities.

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