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Weinhof Szemes

Weinhof Szemes was a family business established in 1863 in Burgenland, Austria, by 

Georg Szemes. Today the winery and guesthouse is run by siblings Anna and Oscar Szemes, who continue to produce premium Austrian wines.

Weinhof Szemes is also a part of Arachon T.FX.TAutria’s premier joint venture. A project that began when three acclaimed Austrian winemaking friends from three different wine producing regions in Austria came together: Illa Szemes, F.X. Pichler and Manfred Tement.


Originally coming from a traditional agricultural business, Georg Szemes was interested in wine from an early age. Affectionately called "Szemes Bacsi" (Uncle) by everyone, he ran two wine shops with his wife Maria. Due to the difficulties of trading across the occupation zones of Austria, in 1950 he founded a wine trading company in Pinkafeld (Russian occupation zone) and another in the town of Hartberg in Styria, which at the time was part of the British zone. White and red cask wine from northern Burgenland and from nearby Hungary were purchased, refined in Pinkafeld, matured, bottled and skilfully marketed.

In 1984, Tibor took over the family business. Tibor was a charismatic personality with vision and contacts all over the world. He recognised the excellent terroir and grape quality of Central Burgenland as early as the early 1980s. With Ing. Josef Pusch, the then cellar master of the Horitschon cooperative, Tibor Szemes initiated the step to négociant. Tibor managed to win the trust of the winegrowers, some of whom still produced "barrel goods" using antiquated methods, and convinced them of his quality ideas and existing sales opportunities.

The early and tragic death of Tibor in March 2001 shook the Austrian wine scene. His wife Illa continued to run the business in his spirit and was able to fill the large shoes left by her husband. With a lot of ambition, commitment and understanding for "her" Blaufränkisch, she continued the legacy. It is no coincidence that her Blaufränkisch TRADITION and IMPERIAL are among the top reds in the country. In the meantime, her son Oscar was also fully integrated into the winery and ran the business together with her.

But in July 2018, Illa passed away at the age of 54.

Oscar stepped in and took his place at the helm, replacing his parents who died far too young. Together with his sister Anna, he continues the traditional business. Oscar took over responsibility for the cellar a few years ago and within a short period of time demonstrated his special understanding of wine. He was able to quickly add a few facets to the existing wine line.

Anna Szemes looks after the visitors to the winery and, as a gifted cook, is also able to spoil the guests with culinary delights.