Arachon T.FX.T - The Austrian red wine joint venture with an international format.

Arachon T.FX.T is Autria’s premier joint venture. Three acclaimed Austrian winemaking friends from three different wine producing regions in Austria came together: Illa Szemes, F.X. Pichler and Manfred Tement.

Their vision was to produce a premium red wine in internaitonally competitive quantities using native and international grape varieties, coupled with their extensive know-how in vineyard management and winemaking experience.

The chosen name for the wine was ARACHON T.FX.T (pronounced Arra-Khon), which was the old name of the town Horitschon around 1540. The T.FX.T stands for the three partners/directors: Tibor Szemes, F.X. Pichler and Manfred Tement. 

ARACHON T.FX.T is a blend of the indigenous Blaufränkisch with Merlot, Zweigelt and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

The highest quality grapes that would be used for both Arachon T.FX.T and A'Kira T.FX.T wines come from vineyards up to 65 years old. The taste of these grapes is unmistakable. In the north, barren slate soils give the wines elegance and freshness. Deeper, heavy clay and loess soils give strength and complexity.

Arachon T.FX.T has been delighting wine lovers around the world since 1996. With more than 1.5 million bottles sold, not counting the second wine A'Kira T.FX.T, Arachon T.FX.T is one of the most successful Austrian wines.