Vin Pop - Château Surain

Château Surain is a family-run wine estate that has been located for 100 years in the village of Saint-Gervais. Its vineyards are classified AOC Bordeaux and founder Roger Surain grew the estate from a single hectare in 1920 to 15 hectares, the size it is today.

Like many growers within the Bordeaux region, the estate struggled with low prices for their wines in such a big region and its many competitive vineyards. In 2014, the estate was close to bankruptcy but the 4th Generation of the family, Adrien, started helping out from afar to save the estate. In 2018, Adrien moved back to Bordeaux and took over the running of the estate. He changed the sales model completely, renaming the estate Vin Pop and repackaging the wines to make and label them such that they appeal to a broader consumer base. This approach has been very successful.

Vin Pop's mission is to produce committed wines that break the codes, to allow consumers to feel comfortable in their choices. They're all about invigorating the wine industry, bringing the same love they have for grapes and turning it into wines that everybody can enjoy. They are moving forward to change things by bringing dynamism, modernity and a strong message. All their vineyards are farmed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way without the use of herbicides. 

Today Vin Pop is a modern company that is different, exciting and fun – Just like their wine!