Tenuta La Viola

Tenuta La Viola is an Italian Sangiovese wine producer 

located in Emilia Romagna on the rolling hills of Bertinoro, on slopes overlooking the sea. The estate is owned by the Gabellini family, for whom wine is a tradition and passion that permanently binds them to their land.


The Gabellini family moved to Bertinoro from Romagna, purchasing land with Sangiovese and Albana vineyards in 1962. The vineyards have since been bush trained.

Wine was an important part of the farming tradition, and serving it on the table meant sharing with guests one’s love and pride in the fruits of one’s labour. Even back then, wine was not just refreshment, but a way of uniting people and a chance to spend quality time together.

For Tenuta La Viola, wine is a tradition and passion that permanently binds them to their land. The history, experience, dedication and professionalism of the people comes together in the quality and character of the wines it produces, making them unique.

Organic farming

The estate has practiced certified organic farming since 1999. No chemical insecticides are used on crops, preserving public health and that of the vines themselves, enabling each vineyard to maintain its natural equilibrium. Its aromas are intact, its vibrant colours and enveloping harmonious atmosphere.

They began biodynamic practices in 2018 to stimulate the activity of the soil. Fertilisation, cultivation and breeding are carried out in ways that respect and promote the fertility and vitality of the soil, and the typical qualities of plant and animal species at the same time. The grassing of the soil is alternated with the practice of green manuring, the turf is cut mechanically and no chemical weeding is practiced.




Vineyard farming, grape harvesting and grape selection are carried out manually by hand. Their vineyards extend over 12 hectares, 10 owned and 2 rented.