Tenuta Il Canovino

Tenuta Il Canovino is a family winery run by its fourth generation, husband and wife team Antonio and Francesca. Their vineyards, located in the Canova area of Valpolicella and the heart of the Soave Classico area, are cultivated with organic practices. 

Il Canovino is where tradition and modern equipment find a perfect balance; where grapes are looked after because great wines are made on the vine and not in the winery. 

Their vineyards in the Canova area of Valpolicella are 200–250 metres above sea level and have southern exposure. The soil has calcareous origin and present aspects of variability in its conformation; the results are a different water supply to the plants during the different stages of their development and a great growth of the leaves and of the grapes.

Since its beginning, Il Canovino has only used natural products and techniques. They truly believe in the significance of being respectful of biological times and rules. As a result, wines are made according to a slow and natural process, only being released when they're ready and without rush. This is how they consistently make great wines.