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Tenuta di Castellaro

Tenuta di Castellaro wines are born from the love for a unique territory and the will to recover it, giving life to a project made of land, vineyard and people, in an extreme synthesis of purity.

The millenary tradition of alberello training system imposes almost total manual processing of the vineyard, which requires dedication, passion and experience, strength and generosity.

Those are the characteristics that the team of Tenuta di Castellaro transmits to their wines.


Tenuta di Castellaro came to life after a morning walk in the Piana di Castellaro, back in the summer of 2005. An ambitious project was born that day, and continues to evolve today.

Massimo Lentsch and Stefania Frattolillo, entrepreneurs from Bergamo, were guided by the love for the amazing Lipari island and wanted to create a real work of art. Tenuta di Castellaro winery is a pure expression of the volcanic territory of the Aeolian Islands, magical and uncontaminated places that have hosted a dream and transformed it into a unique reality.

The 2000 square metre winery, built on the Lipari Island, is in fact a monument dedicated to landscape, art, architecture and technology, in full respect of nature, people and traditions.


The Piana di Castellaro, where the majority of their vineyards are located and where the Estate rises, talks about a viticulture connected to history and tradition.

At 350 metres above sea level and overlooking Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, their vineyards Caolino, Gelso, Lisca, Panoramica, Cipressi and Punta Piana, grow on soils of volcanic sand rich in minerals that give structure and longevity.

The vines are North-West-facing, and enjoy a harmony of wind, sun and sea breeze, configuring a unique microclimatic framework.

Malvasia delle Lipari and Corinto Nero, naturally acclimatised in the distant past, have perfectly adapted to other traditional Sicilian varieties and not only: Nero d’Avola, Carricante, Alicante and Moscato Bianco mature undisturbed in order to produce inimitable wines for ageing.

Cappero Vineyard is a classic example of heroic viticulture where 7000 square meters of Malvasia delle Lipari and Corinto, perfectly balanced for the production of the DOC (95% Malvasia delle Lipari and 5% Corinto) are cultivated on terraces made of lava stone that support a soil of sand and pumice-based fragments.

Overlooking the Island of Vulcano with South East orientation, Cappero Vineyard is located at 80 meters above sea level where a warm, dry and ventilated climate gives a perfect sugar level and an aromatic quality that allows their Passito to better express the intensity of this place.

Innovative technology and centuries-old tradition

At Tenuta di Castellaro, technologies connected to tradition make possible the perfect withering of the grapes: for fifteen days, after the harvest, the bunches are exposed to sun on special cannizzi of wood resting on mobile structures.

The dark lava stone wall on which this structure rests attracts and accumulates the heat given off by the sun during the day, releasing it at night with the complicity of the sea breeze, when the grapes rest covered with sheets.