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The drive to bring you only the best has inspired the team to leave no stone unturned and spare no expense in the effort to provide truly premium sake year after year. This unwavering dedication to quality and innovation has been recognized at the prestigious Annual Japan Sake Awards, with Shirakabegura holding one of the longest streaks of gold medal wins in the event's history. What has enabled us to achieve this? We started by going back to the very basics, and rebuilding everything from the ground up.

In the world of sake brewing, there is simply no replacement for the art of human touch, judgment, and intuition gained from faithfully putting into practice the
brewing techniques and wisdom passed from generation to generation. From assessing exactly how long rice should be submerged after washing and how it should be handled after steaming, to carefully monitoring how koji is responding to its living environment, time-tested hands-on techniques have proved critical every step of the way in the effort to produce an outstanding product. Meanwhile, modern technology has vastly improved quality assurance and innovation. However, to ensure human intuition. tradition, and hands-on techniques unite seamlessly and effectivelv with modern technical approaches, Shirakabegura (Shirakabe Brewery) was built following painstaking discussions with engineers and Toji (master brewers) over the course of 3 vears. The result is a brewery that has fully enabled its dedicated staff to focus on the never-ending pursuit of bringing you authentically produced premium sake that continues to please vear after vear.