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Schloss Johannisberg

Since 1720 only Riesling has been cultivated at Schloss Johannisberg. Here is the cradle of one of the oldest and finest grape varieties in the world. From the long history of Schloss Johannisberg comes passion, responsibility and pride in producing an outstanding Riesling and in inspiring people for it. Just for a Riesling of unique quality.

First documented mention of the vineyards on the Johannisberg in year 817. Emperor Ludwig the Pious acquires vineyards on the Helisa stream, today's Elsterbach, from the Fulda Abbey. The name Johannisberg is born in 1130. The monastery becomes an independent abbey and consecrates the high altar to John the Baptist - hence the name Johannisberg.

In 1775, by chance, the Spätlese is discovered as a new wine style at Schloss Johannisberg. The official start of the grape harvest is delayed. When she arrives, the grapes on the vines are already fully ripe. The courageous cellar master harvests them. The late harvest is born. Since then it has been the figurehead of Johannisberg Castle. The first ice wine is produced in 1858 and on August 12, 1942,  Johannisberg Castle is partially destroyed by a bomb.

In 1971, Schloss Johannisberg becomes a location-free, exclusive single location and today, it produces one of the best Rieslings in the world.