Mont’Albano was founded in 1985 in the heart of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, as a result of the intuition of Mauro Braidot who, unlike the majority of the producers of the time, converted his 5 hectares (12.3 acres) of vineyard to organic production.

The company did not take long to grow, thanks to its philosophy and its excellent wines from Friuli, so in 1998 the winery was expanded to form Mont’Albano sas (a limited partnership company).

In addition to its own grapes, it began processing grapes grown by other producers, provided by trusted regional producers who respect the strict guidelines that Mont’Albano demands so as to be able to put its brand on its products.

In 2008, Mont’Albano became part of the ‘Sartori di Verona’ group, thus establishing the company Mont’Albano S.p.A. sp. By combining its expertise in organic production with the experience of the historic Verona-based winery, which had already been engaged for some years in an organic viticulture project, the product range was expanded to allow the Mont’Albano brand to offer wines from the Veneto to its customers, as well as wines from Abruzzo and Sicily produced by companies belonging to the Sartori group. Today, the wines are produced by certified ‘organic’ winemakers.

Their Philosophy is doing what you believe in and spreading faith in the sustainability of organic viticulture. It is innovation that combines today’s technology with the experience of the winegrower who wants to preserve and not exploit the land. Using natural – not chemical – products, thereby preserving the flavours and typical characteristics of the product. The healthiness of the wine in the glass is guaranteed by means of traceability along the supply chain and the absence of chemical residues that are, in fact, banned in this type of viticulture. They do their best to promote territory, cultivating grapes with excellent organoleptic qualities and safeguarding the typical varietal characteristics that determine the personality and distinctiveness of the wines.