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Loveblock was forged in 2004 by veteran vintners Erica and Kim Crawford. Perched on top of the hills overlooking Marlborough's Awatere Valley, the Loveblock is far removed from the agricultural bustle in the valley below. 

Back in 2004, the Loveblock Farm was a wild piece of land, untamed and hidden from the world. Kim and Erica worked in the wine industry for most of their lives and wondered what they could do with this wildness: how would the unique terroir translate to flavours in wine? Can they make wine that is elegant, restrained and complex? Wine that speaks of its place and a season.

Land is precious in New Zealand; the economy largely depends on agriculture. As grape growers and wine farmers, they are custodians of this land. Erica and Kim are charged with creating the best wine they can to express this extraordinary place, following a deeply held belief in integrated, sustainable farming to allow the wine to express its true and naked terroir.

Family Owned. Estate Grown. Sustainably Farmed.