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Left Coast Estate

Family-owned and operated, Left Coast Estate is guided by two essential principles: a passion for winemaking and a deep connection to the land where Left Coast Cellars live and farm.


Left Coast Estate comprises 500 acres of beautiful countryside; including 160 acres of rolling hillside vineyards, planted with seven grape varieties which produce award-winning wines. The property is a haven for towering oaks, lovingly restored and protected. The significance of the oak savanna is far greater than the magnificent trees themselves. The oak forests are central to the biodiversity of the estate and form a significant part of the terroir, thus making better wines that are more representative of this special place. 

Located in the middle of the Willamette Valley, just 37 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Left Coast Cellars experience cooling coastal breezes flowing through the Van Duzer Corridor to the roots of their vines. It is the myriad flora and fauna that thrive here, creating the unique terroir that characterises the wines.

Before their family founded Left Coast, these were the ancestral lands of the Grand Ronde, Siletz, Yamhill, and Kalapuya peoples, who have hunted, fished, gathered, and lived there for centuries. The work of native peoples continues to shape the open oak savanna today, whose structure was and continues to be preserved by man made fires. Each spring, the camas bloom—considered sacred by many tribes—reminders of the layered history of the savanna and the many hands that sustain it.

The land itself came into existence at least 15,000 years ago, carved out by the Missoula Floods. This cataclysmic water surge carved out much of the western United States landscape, from the Rockies to the Willamette Valley. In addition to geography, the Missoulas also deposited incredible sedimentary soil in the region, allowing us to grow grapes and make wines with distinctive expression.

Early pioneers, following the trailblazing efforts of Lewis and Clark, settled in the area and homesteaders were offered land by the government in exchange for moving to Oregon. James Fulkerson was lured by this deal, claiming his land in 1852, where he, and later his son’s family, lived and farmed on what is now the South Farm of Left Coast Estate. Fruit trees found on the property date back to the time of these early settlers, a bountiful souvenir of those that came before. 

The family founded Left Coast Estate in 2003, named in part recognition of geography, but also a playful nod to the fact that three out of five family members are left-handed. 

They produced their first wine in 2004, adorning their label with a Lewis and Clark map as an homage to their pioneer predecessors. Their ownership model is unique and distinctly future-minded: Left Coast was founded by two parents who placed ownership of the business in the hands of their children from the start. Now in its third decade, the children of Left Coast share its ownership with their children, and it is hoped that the tradition will continue.

Viticulture and winemaking

Their viticulture program acts as the backbone of their winemaking operation. With most of their wine sourced from the estate, their grapes are responsibly grown, and hand tended. Gravity-fed drip irrigation is used, solar energy is utilised for vineyard operations, and plant cover crops to attract pollinators. The wines are thoughtfully crafted as a distinct expression of their place, characterised by structure, high-tone acidity and balanced concentration. Since the inaugural vintage in 2004, Left Coast Estate wines rank among the top 10% in the world with consistent 90+ point scores. The team’s efforts regularly receive accolades for wine quality, sustainability, and habitat conservation across diverse publications, such as Forbes, Wine Enthusiast, and USA Today.

Commitment to the land is ongoing, with sustainability at the core of their mission. In addition to restoring more than 100 acres of the native oak savanna, they ensure that their winemaking processes are thoughtful and intentional, minimizing environmental impact.

In 2008, Left Coast received a USDA grant to convert to solar energy, which powers all of their vineyard operations today. The winery and vineyards are Salmon Safe and LIVE Certified, and they are one of the original six producers to be third-party verified in the Carbon Neutral Challenge, now part of LIVE’s carbon reduction program.