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French in Essence, Chilean by Birth.

The Lapostolle winery is located in Cunaco, near the town of Santa Cruz. It is the original winery where Lapostolle was founded and is where all their wines are produced.

Lapostolle Wines was founded by Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle and her husband Cyril de Bournet in 1994. Alexandra is a member of the renowned Marnier Lapostolle family that has dedicated itself to the production of high-quality wines and spirits for several generations.

In the creation of Lapostolle Wines, the family has maintained the same absolute commitment to quality that has always characterised them. Its aim is as simple as it is ambitious: to create world class wines by combining French winemaking philosophy with the magnificent terroirs of Chile.

Today Charles-Henri de Bournet, from the 7th generation of the family, is at the helm of the company.