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J.B. Becker

The wines have an in-your-face, love-it-or-hate-it vibe. They flaunt a rather prominent acidity though there is a weight, a density that speaks of the Rheingau. They seem to have more to do with great Chablis than with what we often think of as German Riesling.

Becker is a strong advocate of wild-yeast fermentations. Pressurized tanks are used for fermentation, leaning to a quick, warm fermentation. The juice are racked into traditional barrels of the Rheingau for at least two years of barrel age before bottling. This practice puts the graying wild-statesman of German winemaking right next to the young hipster-growers, as obsessed with natural yeasts as anything else. On the other hand, since vintage 2003 Becker has bottled his wine with glass closures, which of course this same population can't understand for nuts.

Even with this very long élevage, Becker seems to release wines as and when. Which is why we are able to offer wines going back to the '80s today. The wines all have enormous aging potential, but even a couple of years in bottle unlocks their soul. These are Rieslings that make no concessions to modernity or to fashion, and are defiantly old school. They are living fossils, the likes of which we may never see again.

Wines coming out of J.B Becker embodies the epitome of not giving a F***, and we dare you to not give it a shot.