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Iberieli is a family winery run by Zurab Topuridze with 7.5 ha of vineyards in the Guria Region of West Georgia and 5.5 ha in the Kakheti Region of East Georgia.

The name Iberieli – which was chosen by Zurab’s children – refers to the ancient people in Caucasus who made wine over several thousands of years ago, these people later became Georgians and are believed to be the inventors of Kvevri winemaking.

The family’s aim is to maintain the authentic tradition of Kvevri wine making in Georgia, producing unique natural wines from native grapes and to set standards and true examples for their counterparts and friends.

They sell Kvevri natural wines, i.e. wines made from organically grown grapes, fermented and aged in underground pottery vessels named as Kvevri in Georgian language, fermented naturally, without imported yeast and any other chemical and/or biological interventions. This way of wine growing creates lively, healthier wines that truly represent their terroir.