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Giesen Wines

Undeniably ‘Marlborough’, the Giesen wines are capturing that essence of New Zealand which has taken the wine world by storm.
Giesen Wines, established by three German brothers, is one of New Zealand’s top 10 wineries. The family-owned winery is located in Marlborough and was founded in 1981. From their first vintage in 1984, walking to their own tried and true beat, the three Giesen brothers have created great wines.

Giesen Brothers
Thanks to their brewer great-grandfather Leonhard Kaiser, sommelier grandfather August (Aw-goost), and their parents who gave the brothers a love for international cuisine – the trio have the drinks trade and hospitality in their DNA.

Oldest brother Theo lead the interest in wine when the family moved to a new home that stood in front of a steep slope worked into 11 terraces planted with Riesling. Young Theo was taken under the wing of two of the family’s neighbours, who helped him replant the vineyard to Sylvaner and taught him how to tend it. Harvest became a family affair and the grapes were sent to a nearby winemaker who made around 40 dozen bottles that the Giesen family gave away to friends and family.
From those formative days, until now as globally successful businessmen, the three brothers have always had each other’s back and worked collectively for the common good. Theo, Alex and Marcel are proof that familial relationships and business can work harmoniously – with good humour and international success.

The Marlborough Character

New Zealand’s combination of soil, climate and water, innovative pioneering spirit and commitment to quality all come together to deliver pure, intense and diverse experiences. Every glass of New Zealand Wine is a world of pure discovery. No wine in the world tastes like the wine of Marlborough. Balance, purity and intense flavour set around impressive aroma, distinctive fruit and appealing balanced acidity is unrivalled.
Climate is crucial to the character of Marlborough, and so is the soil. Most of the soils were laid down within the last 14,000 years; carved and eroded by glaciers in the high country and carried down to the coast by snow melt rivers. The composition of these free-draining alluvial soils varies across the region, influenced by the proximity to riverbeds and exposure to wind resulting in a myriad of soil types.

Giesen owns 13 vineyards, of which 11% are certified organic with BioGro New Zealand. They have been strategically acquired throughout the highly sought-after Wairau Valley and maintain strong long-term relationships with some of the Valley’s best growers. This gives them a range of grape-growing conditions, which ensures they consistently have the region's finest grapes for each vintage.

Giesen are committed to environmentally sustainable wine production. For them, sustainability is a constant evolution, which is achieved by continually challenging the way they do things and monitoring and minimising their environmental impact. Giesen is accredited with Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) and BioGro New Zealand.