Fattoria Garbole

An ambitious boutique winery project producing luxury Italian wines, Garbole wants you to taste the difference.

Brothers Filippo and Ettore Finetto founded Garbole in 1994 to fulfill a mad dream. Their single great ambition was to produce the best Italian wines in a unique and outstanding way. They are fuelled by a relentless and continuous urge to better themselves, always improving at the forefront of the wine scene.

Outsiders and self-taught, the brothers are fascinated by the extraordinary world of wine, which they have dedicated their minds, bodies, hearts and souls to chasing this beautiful dream. 

To them, wine production is a means and instrument to express themselves, to convey values and ideas, to unite people and regain identity. Their wines are faithful to the roots and traditions they belong to, and committed to reflecting the people who created them. There's guaranteed sincerity and candor in each Garbole product.