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Fetzer Vineyards

Since 1968, Fetzer has stood by a simple philosophy: What’s good for the Earth is good for the grape, and what’s good for the grape is good for the wine. After Barney Fetzer launched his winery, he helped create the flavor profile that made Chardonnay the nation’s most popular wine variety, and Fetzer’s Valley Oaks Food and Wine Center anticipated the farm-to-table movement.

Fifty years ago, the California wine industry was just getting started. The rest of the world hadn’t yet heard of Mendocino County, but Barney Fetzer knew he’d found an extraordinary place to grow wine grapes. An early pioneer of sustainable farming, he helped shape the quality and environmental consciousness of California wine. Beyond what’s in the glass, their Valley Oaks Food and Wine Centre was a vital locale for more than 20 years, catalysing the farm to-table movement before it became a widely valued ethos. From humble roots, they’ve built a legacy of classic American wines rooted in a deep commitment to the land. Over five decades, they’ve grown to source fruit from talented growers across California’s most revered regions, yet they remain dedicated to the vineyards, people and vibrant community life of Mendocino County. One thing hasn’t changed in 50 years: their wines are mindfully crafted to be balanced and flavourful.

Fifty years later, the Fetzer collection is grounded in the character of American classics like Fetzer Valley Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon, Sundial Chardonnay and Shaly Loam Gewurztraminer—iconic wines rooted in thoughtful winemaking and a deep commitment to sustainability. Today, there’s still a delicious bottle of Fetzer to reach for on any night. These are wines that never compromise on flavor and never cut corners on quality.