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Led by Gregory Perrucci, Felline is a winery in Manduria that has been dedicated to the land, viticulture and wine for three generations, following the events of history, their family and community.

As with all the families in Manduria, Primitivo has been the theme of their lives. Felline has developed visions, nurtured dreams and imagined a future around Primitivo. 

Values, knowledge, traditions and experiences constitute a precious heritage that supports their work in the vineyards and winery, on markets around the world, and among the people.

In addition to the existing family relations between several members of the Felline team, there is a deep emotional bond between all those working in the vineyards, in the winery and in the administrative office, a legacy of the past derived from the ancient peasant solidarity of their forerunners.

The winery can confidently hand over the baton to future generations: promoting a production from sustainable agriculture that respects biodiversity.