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Domaine Eleni & Edouard Vocoret

Edouard and Eleni met in New Zealand at Alan Scott Wines while working the 2010 harvest. They were married soon after and returned to Chablis that year. In 2012, Edouard’s father Patrice gifted them a small (just under 5 hectares) piece of Edouard’s family domaine. Edouard's family owns Domaine Vocoret & Fils, an established and large Chablis domaine with over 50 hectares planted. Eleni is Greek/German and worked as assistant winemaker with Chablis legend Vincent Dauvissat. Although the couple is young by Chablis domaine-owner standard (they’ve just turned 30), they are making some of the most exciting wines in the region.

Edouard and Eleni are currently producing two wines: Chablis "Bas de Chapelot" and Chablis 1er Cru "Butteaux." Bas de Chapelot comes from 3 hectares just beneath Montée de Tonnerre, while the Butteaux parcel is 0.3 hectares. The 1er Cru 'Butteaux' is one of the top examples of the appellation, combining the minerality typical of Chablis with a sense of weight and complexity only found in the region's best wines. Chablis legend Vincent Dauvissat also acts as a mentor, on hand to offer advice. When they received the vineyards, their primary focus was on farming. Their first few vintages were sold off in bulk as they readjusted the vineyard to lutte raisonnée and hand harvesting.

Traditionally, most in Chablis blend all their Chablis plots together. But Edouard and Eleni work differently – their goal is to let the terroir express itself. Each of their plots is a cuvée, which is why they make three different Chablis and a single 1er Cru wine. Furthermore, unlike most Chablis that are only made in steel tanks, Edouard and Eleni leave their wines for 6 months in tank and then a year in old oak barrels to help smooth the wines out. “When you ferment in barrel it is like adding make-up to the wine,” Edouard says. “Fermenting in tank keeps that straightness.”

Some dismiss Chablis as an overrated brand name lacking the excitement of many newly (re)discovered vineyard regions around the world. But they’re missing the point. Top-level wines in this region consist of French classics whose next chapter is being written by a compelling new generation. Eleni and Edouard have a passion and energy unique to a new generation stepping in to create a different path. With a few vintages already under their belt, we think they’ve got a very bright future ahead of them.