Domaine des Deux Roches

Domaine des Deux Roches is the combination of two winegrower families between Burgundy and Languedoc. These vines are their heritage.

Joanny Collovray established the winery back in 1928 with just a few vines around the Roche de Solutre and Vergisson, just near Macon. In the 1980s, two generations later, the Collovray decided to team up with the Terrier family. 

Today the winery is in the hands of its 4th generation who work together to take care of their Maconnais and Languedoc vineyards as well as their negoce wine productions from several other emblematic regions, always with great know-how and passion.

In Mâconnais, they rub shoulders with the majestic Roches de Solutré and Vergisson and draw their resources from thousand-year-old clay-limestone soils.

In the heart of the Haute Vallée de l'Aude, they face an amphitheater of mountains, the chain of the Pyrenees. They are the plant expression of a legacy of several million years, when the Eocene sea covered the land.

Every day, each of the winegrowers' gestures are directed to be at the height of this environment in order to deliver the most accurate expression of it in their wines.