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Château Palmer

Château Palmer is a leading wine estate in Margaux, Bordeaux, France. Château Palmer’s wines are a red thread reaching into history. But deeper still, at the estate’s foundation, are values, commitments and community. A world unto itself, curious, sensitive, attentive… encompassing more than just wine.

The result of centuries of viticulture and vinifications, honed by the pursuit of a singular vision. A style unto itself. Château Palmer wines are different expressions of a single terroir, born of a common philosophy. Homages to a natural environment and to the traditions of the estate, over time they begin to resonate. Resonate not with power, but with finesse and elegance.


The estate dates to the 17th century, though it was not until 1814 that Englishman Charles Palmer took ownership and gave it his name. In 1938, the estate was bought by four Bordeaux négociant families, two of whom – the Sichel and Mähler-Besse families – own the property today.

Since 2004, the estate has been led by the charismatic agronomist and oenologist Thomas Duroux, who had lately returned from a stint making wine at Ornellaia, in Tuscany. He undertook major renovations including a complete modernisation of the grape reception area, the vat rooms and barrel cellar.

In the vineyards, the technical team began experimenting with biodynamic farming and today Palmer is among the leading biodynamic vineyards in Bordeaux. Between 2008 and 2013, Château Palmer made the transition to 100% biodynamic farming. In addition to its vineyards, the estate is home to a diversity of complementary plants and grazing animals.


The Terroir

In the heart of the Margaux appellation, 66 hectares of gravelly soil and grassy rows overlook the Gironde estuary. Between this earth rich in ancient history, and these heavenly skies with their nurturing microclimate, vines flourish under the care of men and women. One terroir, three grape varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot): such is the horizon of Château Palmer.

the men and women of Château Palmer carefully prune leaf and shoot to create a natural balance, channeling the plant's vitality towards something greater – producing the finest possible grapes. What more natural expression for an age-old vine, its roots reaching deep into difficult soils, guided by a sensitive hand? Such is a demanding terroir.