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Drawing the best from raw materials to offer a harmonious, complex and refined Champagne. Champagne Bauget-Jouette is tastefully crafted with satisfaction in mind.


Since 1822 and over five generations, the winegrowers of this house have founded a real heritage: 13 hectares spread over the best terroirs of Champagne: Coteaux Sud d'Épernay, Côte des Blancs, Vallée de la Marne and Sézannais, of which 9 are classified villages.

Applying the Champagne production method, their vineyard bears the traditional grape varieties of Chardonnay (50%), Pinot Noir (10%) and Pinot Meunier (40%).

Champagne Bauget-Jouette is vinified in Épernay, capital of Champagne, in their cellars. It then rests at a constant temperature (11°C) in the cellars, which were dug in the 18th century at a depth of 27 meters in the chalk soils.


Each vine, with its terroir and its history, has formed a character and identity of its own. "Le Bignart", "Le Cloître" or "Les Grimprets" are among the 37 plots acquired by the family over 5 generations of winegrowers. Today these plots contribute to the harmony and complexity of the blend of their wines.

Day after day, each season they observe precisely the evolution of this living heritage located in the heart of Champagne on the "Coteaux Sud" of Epernay, the "Côte des Blancs", the "Vallée de la Marne" and the " Sézannais”.

Thus, for each harvest, they ensure that each of the grapes from their vines can express all its potential to produce the best Champagne.