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A winemaking partnership built on mutual respect, complementary skills, and a love of great wine.

When Marty Taucher asked Chris Peterson to review his draft winery business plan in 2009, it fortuitously coincided with Peterson’s desire to start a new chapter in his winemaking career. The conversation continued at the friendly confines of North Seattle’s Fiddlers Inn, where the vision for Avennia was born. Mutual esteem for their respective strengths and experiences allowed them to forge an effective partnership. Ultimately, they agreed on Avennia’s core principles – a passionate commitment to signature vineyards and natural processes in the cellar – resulting in timeless, world class wines that are solely and undeniably Washington.

With the support and input from Chris’ wife Lauren Smith and Marty’s wife Colleen, Avennia was a reality. By the end of 2010, 16 tons of fruit were transformed to wine (released to much acclaim in 2012) and relationships in place with the state’s most legendary growers, enabling them to secure the best fruit in the region for future vintages. More than a decade later, the same core principles continue to inform the direction of the winery and the business day to day.

Today Avennia has established itself as one of Washington's rising stars within a mere handful of years. Sourcing from acclaimed vineyards and employing traditional cellar techniques, it's no wonder they're creating wines with a voice.