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Asenovgrad Winery

Asenovgrad is situated on the northern hillsides of the Rhodope mountains and on the two banks of the Asenitsa river. From the south it is encompassed by hills, which hillsides at places abruptly slope down towards the river. From the west and north in front of the town lies the Asenovgrad's fruitful field. The average altitude of the region is 158 meters.  

These characteristics show, that in the region of Asenovgrad the nature has created soil and climatic conditions suitable for the advent and development of viticulture as the occupation of the population.  Viticulture is one of the most ancient occupations in the town. This we learn from the investigators of this period, who had summarized the data yet still from the Thracian antiquity. There is no doubt, that Thracians had had a knowledge of the vine and wine and skillfully cultivated them.  

"Vinzavod" Asenovgrad was established on 15.10.1947 on the base of the "Stanimashki Mavrud" wine-growing cooperative. With the growth of the raw materials base the enterprise developed and the production continuously increased.


In the chronicles of the company history the year 1958 is to be remembered, connected with the construction of the first cellar for grapes processing with a capacity for producing wine for 6 million liters. During the year 1963 the first installation for heat processing and stabilization of wines had been put in operation, as well as a bottling line.  

Towards the present moment “Vinzavod” JSC, town of Asenovgrad, has capacities for the processing of 13 million kg. of grapes and production and bottling of 15 million bottles of high-quality wines. Grapes of the "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Merlot", "Mavrud", "Rubin", "Syrah", and other are being processed. The basic for the region "Mavrud" brand is a typical Bulgarian brand from which high quality red wines are being produced. The wines produced are with good, intense ruby-red color, rich in phenol substances, with a good balance between acids and tannins, and with a good potential for aging.

Typical of the "Mavrud" brand is its long life as compared to wines produced from other brands. In our enotheque bottles of "Mavrud" wine of the 1949 year vintage still age, which has to a great extent preserved its wonderful organoleptic qualities.

During the year 2001 Bulgarian-Swedish joint-venture project has been realized for the production of small portions of high-quality wines, as for this purpose an experimental cellar has been established, equipped with the latest barrels of the Baric type.

During the period 2003-2004 and 2012-2014 the enterprise has been entirely technologically and technically renovated, with which opportunities has been created for the application of the most modern technologies in the production of wine.

Towards the year 2015 the winery has more than 3000 decares of own vineyards of red brands, as well as white ones "Sauvignon Blanc" and "Chardonnay".

A large portion of the company's production is export-orientated.  

During the 80-ties and until the middle 90-ties of the past century the enterprise had realized 100% of its production for export. Most of the sales are wines of the brand range of "Cabernet" and "Mavrud". Basic partners are companies from Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, etc

Annual quantities of export of bottled wines is between 4 and 6 million bottles.

After 1995 the company began production and realization of production on the home market too and preserved its positions in the export.

Continue relations with clients from the above-stated countries, but also new partners from the USA, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Vietnam, China, Japan, Italy.

During the period 2005 - 2007 144 000 bottles had been exported for the China market.

Since the year 2010 "Vinzavod" Asenovgrad has been realizing on the export market 3 million bottles of wine annually.

Well-known in our country and all around the world are the trade-marks "Mavrud Asenovgrad", "Mavrud Reserve", "Mavrud KNP", "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Cabernet Reserve", "Merlot", "Merlot Reserve", "Manastirsko Shushukane". Rich is the assortment of the produced and bottled hard drinks y the "Vinzavod" JSC, approved with remarkable popularity on the market.  

As a recognition of the preserved tradition, professionalism, and excellent quality of the production offered, through the years "Vinzavod" JSC has won over 200 medals and honorary diplomas from international competitions.

Distinctions from prestigious forums, added to the acknowledgment by clients all over the world, had long ago approved the company as a preferred partner not only on the Bulgarian but also on the international markets.

Traditions here have a future, which is guaranteed with professionalism, correctness, and high quality of the production.