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Anatolikos Vineyards

Anatolikos Vineyards was established in 2005 by Sakis and Marios Nikolaidis, experienced businessmen of Xanthi in the fields of gastronomy and mass focus.

Their vineyard is located in Avdira, Xanthi, in Thrace (Eastern Greece). In Avdira city, known from ancient times as a city of Thrace, a struggle began in 2000 for the revival of famous ancient vineyards. Contributing to this initiative, Anatolikos Vineyards started farming Greek and foreign grape varieties in 2005. The vineyard is located on the dry hills of Avdira city at an altitude of 50–70 meters and approximately 5 km away from the Thrace Sea. The terrain has sandy soils and continuous cool winds. Avdira’s microclimate contributes decisively to the production of high-quality products.

Today, Anatolikos Vineyards has released 7 labels of varietal and regional wines of Avdira. They are certified organic and continue their developmental program aimed at expanding their vineyard. Their philosophy follows the principals of bio-agriculture, growing traditional grape varieties from the lands of Avdira and Thrace. They also aim to develop the structure of distribution channels in Greece and overseas.