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AMASS believes in the power of plants. From botanical spirits to body products, AMASS makes clean botanics for modern life.


Each of their botanic products are meticulously formulated, tested, and considered multiple times over to ensure they align with the creative vision and quality standards of their Chief Product Officer and Master Distiller, Morgan McLachlan. McLachlan grew up in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, where she spent many afternoons exploring the forest, forging what would become a lifelong fascination with botany. She has now been distilling for over ten years, and is known for her experimental methods and focus on botanical-based spirits.


AMASS searches far and wide in the formulation of their products and uses only the finest premium ingredients. All their ingredients are non-GMO, carefully considered, and vetted by the best in the business.


In place of traditional ad spots and celebrity endorsements, they’re building a community around their ingenious makers, impeccable products, and the movers and shakers that make the spirits industry an exciting forefront of creativity.


At AMASS, they abide by a community-wide commitment to intelligent, sustainable design. Their sincere interest in using the best ingredients is tempered only by their potential impact on the communities they represent; their drive to build a unique, compelling product is balanced by their understanding that innovation only triumphs when it’s sustainable.