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T.I.W 2.0: Riesling +Osmanthus Oolong

Another day, another Tea infused wine experiment! If you don't know what I'm talking about. Click here for the lil experiment we tried out last month. This time, we decided to take on a sweet white for a change. A Riesling from Dr. Loosen Riesling Gray Slate 2017 vintage, it is such a good wine on its own. If you see it on the shelf and is a total sucker for sweeter wines we highly recommend you give it a shot. Pale gold, notes of peach, pineapple, honey with a mineral finish. Sweet on the palate, high acidity with a slight dry finish. Refreshing and fizzy, very apt for Singapore's current weather in June.

Since we were left with 2 glasses worth, we decided to give it a shot! Of course we looked no further than Gryphon Tea! Picked out Osmanthus Oolong and went for it! Some days we fancy a strong brew, some days something lighter. And when you do, the light-bodied blend makes for a good choice. With the addition of Osmanthus flowers, each sip is a taste of silky floral top notes with a creamy body and short finish. Sometimes, less is more. 

We blanched 1 tsp of tea for 20 seconds and carefully filled the pouch with the tea. (We added a little more Osmanthus flower hoping to bring out the flowery note) Do not confuse Osmanthus with chrysanthemum, Osmanthus is a lighter in flavour and scent while Chrysanthmum is slightly 'heavier' and stronger.

This was 7 hours later! A slight change in color with the wine due to the oolong, presents strong floral notes. Acidity from the Riesling seems to have accentuate the Osmanthus notes. Lingering mineral finish but overall was a very smooth & well balanced after taste! Similarly there was no oxidation tasted on the palate. Had a little taste test around the house and it was a resounding success! While they enjoyed the Riesling on its own, the combination incorporate a unique floral note that isn't usually found in wines. 

There you go! Another great test. Probably gonna hit up a Red next. If you experiment with your own creation do share with us on our socials! Tag us @boundbywine and we'd love to exchange ideas anytime!