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Introducing BoundbyWine

 To an avid wine drinker, boundbyWine's concept is pretty awesome. It's a simple concept really. boundbyWine arose from the idea of us failing so many times to pick out a bottle of wine that suits our taste. Not all of us have the time to build a relationship with the owner of the local wine shop and can recommend you a bottle based on your feedback -Imagine standing in front of a hundred varietals trying to pick out a wine for your dinner party. Mental. Anxiety. Like hello?! I need advice on us how to match a wine with my favorite Indian curry!

We've all been there, on one hand you want to discover new & unique wines but you don't really know how to describe the kind of wines you like, then you go out on a limb and pick one it doesn't suit your taste buds. The next time you pick a wine you choose something you know taste good. Commencing a vicious cycle of purchasing the exact same bottle 20,000 times.  

And that's really how boundbyWine came to life! To help busy go-getters pick out interesting & unique wines that suits your palette and exposes your knowledge about wine (maybe even expanding and refining your taste buds along the way!)

The concept is pretty dope -Whiz through our vino quiz and let us know how many bottles you wish to receive in a month to officially be part of The Coterie! From there, you can expect to receive a curated selection to explore and expand your taste palette and learn more about the grape varietal and wine makers, even food Western and Asian food pairings to match your preferred food taste! You don't have to pair it with food of course, if it's table wine if's table wine!

Then comes the really interesting bit. Once you're a member with us, we'll track every wine we deliver to you, and your review of the wine. With this, we help you build out your true wine profile. Who knows, once you're with us, you could have always though that your favorite thing about most red wines is the smoky tannic structure of it. Stay with us for a couple months, and you might just find out what you actually like is a full bodied number with a berry finish! You brilliant jam lover.