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Skane County, Sweden

Skane County, Sweden's southernmost region, is pioneering the country's winemaking with a focus on cool-climate grape varieties, producing crisp white and light red wines that reflect the region's unique terroir. They are also the country's largest producer of wine.

Regional History & Terroir: Skane County, with a history of agriculture dating back centuries, is relatively new to commercial winemaking. The region benefits from a maritime climate influenced by its proximity to the Baltic Sea, which helps mitigate the cold temperatures. The terroir is characterized by a mix of soils, including clay, limestone, and sand, creating a diverse foundation for vine growth. The long summer days in Skane provide enough sunlight for grape ripening despite the northern latitude.

Typical Grape Varietals: Skane County's winemakers focus on cool-climate grape varieties that can thrive in the region's challenging climate. Solaris, a white grape, is widely grown, producing wines with vibrant acidity and fresh fruit flavors such as apple, pear, and citrus. Rondo, a red grape, is also prominent, yielding light red wines with red berry notes and delicate tannins. Other varietals like Johanniter and Bolero are also being explored for their adaptability to the region's conditions.

Regional Wine Styles: Skane County's wines are known for their crispness and lively acidity, reflective of the cool climate. The white wines, often made from Solaris, offer a refreshing profile with a focus on fruit expression and acidity. The red wines from grapes like Rondo exhibit a lighter style, suitable for casual sipping.

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