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Moravia Agria

Moravia Agria is a little-known red wine grape grown in tiny quantities in the arid heat of eastern La Mancha, in Spain. It has also been successfully cultivated in the warm climes of Australia, but has yet to make much of an impact on the market there.

The "agria" part of the variety's name means "sour" or "bitter", and is used to distinguish the variety from Moravia Dulce, which means "sweet Moravia" and is a synonym for Marufo (also Mourisco Tinto).

Moravia is most often used as a blending component, and brings a slightly rustic, sometimes herbal character to wines. It is only very rarely used to make varietal wines, simply because the result tends to be very pale and astringently tannic.

Despite the similarities, Moravia is linked with neither the Moravia region of the eastern Czech Republic nor Cabernet Moravia, a grape variety used there.

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