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Marastina is often used in the production of the traditional Croatian dessert wine called Prošek, which is a sweet wine made from dried grapes and aged in oak barrels

Origin: Marastina is believed to have originated in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, where it has been grown for centuries. It is also found in other regions of Croatia, as well as in some other countries in the Mediterranean region.

Tasting profile: Marastina wines are typically crisp, fresh, and aromatic, with notes of green apples, citrus, and floral elements. They are often dry or off-dry, with good acidity and moderate alcohol levels. Marastina wines are known for their refreshing character and are often enjoyed as young, unoaked wines.

Food pairing: Marastina wines pair well with seafood, particularly grilled fish, shellfish, and oysters. They also go well with other light dishes, such as salads, vegetable-based dishes, and poultry.

Regional significance: Marastina is a prominent grape variety in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, particularly on the island of Korčula, where it is widely cultivated and considered an important local variety. It is also grown in other regions of Croatia, such as the Pelješac Peninsula and the island of Hvar.

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