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Feteasca Alba

Fetească Albă, a white grape variety from Romania, produces crisp and refreshing wines with notes of green apples and floral nuances, commonly used in single-varietal wines and blends, and known for its quality and versatility

Varietal origin: Fetească Albă is a white grape variety that is native to Romania. It is widely grown in Romania, particularly in the regions of Moldova, Muntenia, and Transylvania. It is also found in other countries in Eastern Europe, such as Moldova and Ukraine.

Typical taste profile: Fetească Albă wines are known for their crisp acidity and refreshing character, often displaying notes of green apples, pear, citrus, and floral nuances. The wines are typically dry, with a light to medium-bodied profile, and can be enjoyed as both still and sparkling wines.

Regional styles: Fetească Albă is commonly used in the production of single-varietal wines in Romania, where it is highly regarded for its quality and versatility. It is also used in blends with other indigenous grape varieties, such as Fetească Regală, to create unique and complex wines. Fetească Albă is known for producing elegant and aromatic white wines that are well-suited for both early consumption and aging.

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